Thoughts from Mom

From my own mother:

Some thoughts about Aunt Hood. My first niece was Kirsten. I was 18 years old and was on McNeil Island when I got the phone call. She was adorable, only 5 lb 12 oz. They visited a lot and when I got my job the next year, I used to give Ginny money for Easter candy and I remember buying tennis shoes for Kirsten’s one year. I always used to send birthday cards, this year I was remiss. Kirsten really appreciated it. All you have to do is just be yourself and the baby will love you.

One notable difference: I am 10 years older than my own mother was when she became an aunt. I can see advantages and disadvantages to this age difference. Most likely I have more means than my 18 year old mother did (better/more gifts?), but I think the older I am, the less cool I automatically become in the eyes of my nephew. I might be more mature and responsible but perhaps less fun?

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cousin- i am not exactly sure how much age has to do with coolness. granted authority figures are never “cool”, but as an aunt you have little real responsibility other than to spoil your nephew. so you are in a situation where your coolness is totally dependant on what you bring to the table, be it cool music or books he hasnt been introduced to, witty humor, great stories etc. or i suppose you could bribe your way to coolness if all else fails.

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