Pulling teeth

Lincoln has joined some kind of cat gang with an arm shaving initiation.

Either that or he had some teeth pulled at the vet and they put an IV in his arm.

3 replies on “Pulling teeth”

That looks kinda creepy. Like his arms are actually Mr. potato head arm and you could pull them off and make it come out of his head or something. Why did he have to get teeth pulled? Poor kitty.

Yeah, it’s totally like a fake fur paw stuck into a kitty body.

I guess his little teeth were decaying. So out they came.

Aww poor fluffer. My vet told me I should get Admiral’s teeth cleaned at least once before he turns 10. I was hesitant- but I guess it makes sense! BTW- he is in hairball season now and my poor grandma keeps thinking he is pooing places 🙁 But they are only hairballs…

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