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In the side yard

Drip drip

Bracing for bubbles

Returning from a bubble chase

Nonstandard wagoning

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IT assistant

By on August 23, 2012 · Comments ( 2 )

Snacking and chatting

Hazel was making a show of licking her nectarine

So I pulled out the videorecorder and learned all kinds of things about her day

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Hazel displays her Garfield stickers

Then she coughs (she’s still learning to cover it…)

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Flight control

Greeting Supermom after work

Hazel hears an airplane

She’s learned to shield her eyes from the sun (trying to look at another airplane)

Perhaps the only picture ever taken in our front entryway

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Home again

On a Sunday with a nasty sniffle we stayed close to home

Rolling balls down the ramp

Ball search and rescue

Photography lessons (Hazel snapped this photo with the pictured remote control!)

And carefully selected reading

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Lakeside lounging

One finger

Another hand

And this is what I got when I asked for no hands in her mouth

Sunset stroll

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Hazel requests crayons by going to the drawer where the crayons are kept, often with a scrap of paper in hand


Imploring Mommy to help

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Lunch hour

Small enough to tunnel walk

Balance beam save

There’s some kind of wildlife photographer lurking in the bushes


Thinking twice about that slide

Kid watching

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Worm scout

Funny noises and funny faces into a tiny bowl

Where are those worms?

Worm scouting close up

Loving Lincoln

Ball-dribbling chase is the best

By on August 13, 2012 · Comments ( 7 )