Pulling teeth

Lincoln has joined some kind of cat gang with an arm shaving initiation.

Either that or he had some teeth pulled at the vet and they put an IV in his arm.

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Taxes times three

Since I worked in two different states, both with income tax, I file two state returns plus one federal.  I’m not having fun.

This ridiculous use of infographics on the Rhode Island form makes it all the worse.  It’s mocking me.

I’m doing the pen and paper method.  Does anybody pay a tax preparer or use Turbo Tax or something?

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A slice or two

A giant Costco cake can be obliterated with the help of a few friends.

So thank you to all those who pitched in.

Maybe cupcakes next time?

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Frozen lake

Walking on water.

An experienced icy lake enthusiast.

Katie demonstrates the proper stroke for frozen swimming.

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Election day today

If you live in Mass, don’t forget to head to the polls to vote for Kennedy’s replacement. The ads last night were out of control, back to back insanity. So I’ll be glad when they disappear. At a little after 7am there was an impressive turnout. It impressed me at any rate.

So my civic duty is done for the day.

Yesterday I made yam tacos and they were darn tasty. Similar to the boniato tacos at my old favorite Agua Verde, these had leftover roasted yams cut up into little pieces, mixed in with some sautéed onions, piled into a corn tortilla and sprinkled with extra sharp cheddar.  I see why they add an avocado sauce because mine were slightly on the dry side.

Go vote!  Go make yam tacos!

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Safety first

Now that I’m back in Mass. and the new year has begun, it’s time for a little sprucing up the place.  First of all, I have my birthday present to hang. Marika, see the note about goggles?

Does this look straight?

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Unwanted present

The Christmas sicks have attacked. I’m down for the count.

Hopefully I can eke out some fun before I have to leave.

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Christmas halves

Before Oliver and co. arrived, Mom and I enjoyed some fun and games.

Yahtzee! Mom blew me out of the water on this one.

Wii Bowling. I’m pretty sure Mom took the wins here too.

After opening presents, Oliver enjoys his loot.

Thomas and some more Thomas.

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Happy Christmas to all

May your cookies be delicious and your day filled with cheer!

From Cookies
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A dining room is for dining

After moving the kitchen table out into the empty dining room for Thanksgiving, we realized that it was awesome to have a dining table in the dining room for dining at.

The hunt for a replacement in the kitchen led to an island.

I threw out my back trying to get the thing inside and assembly was a pain for sure, but I think the end result might be worth it. Maybe.

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