This last trip to New York was my second use of Jetsetter and I’m impressed. The site seems to offer good deals and both hotels were great places to stay.

Has anybody else used it? If you want to sign up and don’t want to wait on the waiting list, I have invites. I think they come with a $50 credit. So let me know.

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Morning caffeine and eggs

Jeff does the same

Shoved up by the lights for a popular talk

Absorbing massive amounts of knowledge

Jeff assesses our own work

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Too tired to post

I was gonna take a picture to prove my disheveled tiredness, but my webcam ain’t working.

Happy Tuesday.

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New York again

This time for a conference. This time on the train.

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Furniture shopping

When I post every day, this is the kind of update you will encounter. Me. In front of the furniture store. This is what I’ve done today.

Remember the deal where if the Red Sox win the World Series your purchase is free? Well they didn’t win. So we got a credit at the store. Today we set out to use it. We came back with nothing.

In other news, it really looks like peanut butter m&ms are taking the trophy. Apparently peanut butter really does make everything better.

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Sufjan concert

We saw Sufjan Stevens (he says Suf-yawn) last night. It was okay. Dude is a little boring frankly and I might have liked to just hear the music. Not so much the talking.

Also it was in stark contrast to The Tallest Man On Earth from last month. Which was excellent. You can listen to a replica of that on NPR.

PS – don’t forget to vote m&m.

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Cast your vote

The great m&m battle rages on. Almond has taken a surprising co-lead with plain.

Don’t let this poll melt in your hand!

Go vote for your preferred m&m.

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Have you had pretzel m&ms? They are fantastic. A little salty, a little crunchy, a little deliciousy.

Definitely my favorite m&m

What’s yours?

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Weekday lunch

While breakfast is the same day after day, my weekday lunch varies. Sometimes it’s chili in my thermos. There was a long streak of turkey sandwiches in my early twenties that made a brief comeback recently. Rice and beans was a daily occurrence last winter, but peanut butter sandwiches always sneak their way in on a regular basis.

Peanut butter on toasted bread

Sometimes I toast the bread, sometimes I add jelly or banana or honey, but there’s always creamy peanut butter involved and these days it gets carried in a wrap-n-mat.

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Toy Story 3 is mine

Finally. Amazon really makes free shipping unattractive.

My first Blu-ray movie!

Has everyone seen it? I’ve only seen it in 3D so I’m looking forward to the standard experience.

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