Fun with Lillie

We headed out for a Sunday afternoon visit with Lillie and her parents.

Jason breaks out the cocoa while Lillie tries to remember who the heck we are

Only one of us is smiling

She tries to escape

Alayne monkeys her baby

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Amanda’s 30th

A delicious 30th it was.

Rum cake!

Chocolate cake!

Eating cake with Laura and Jackie

Not ready yet

Okay, smile pretty

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New Club Nintendo calendar

My desk at work doesn’t have much on it, but there’s always room for my Club Nintendo calendar! Though I still haven’t received my copy of Toy Story 3, this little beauty arrived yesterday.

PS – Happy Birthday Amanda!

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Friday night dinner

You guessed it! Nachos. First November nachos. Cheesy nachos. Friday night nachos. Here they are. Same as 364 days ago.

As compared with last year’s nachos, you may notice the recent addition of a hint of Monterey Jack.

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Weekday breakfast

Pretty much every single morning before work, I eat this.

Veggie sausage patty on an english muffin

With a cup of black tea, it makes for a delicious start to my day and I haven’t gotten sick of it.

So. What do you eat for a weekday breakfast? Does it differ from your weekend breakfast?

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After the death of Lala, I went searching for another web music service. I ended up with and have been using (and paying for) it for a few months now. I listen at work. Sometimes I listen at home. It’s okay. It gets the job done. It’s a little clunky but seems to have most of what I want to listen to.

Does anyone else miss Lala? Has anyone found a better replacement than mog?

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Vote, go vote

On my way to vote, this little tag was waiting at the door. I messed up my first ballot. Apparently you cannot partially fill in a bubble and then actually fill in another choice. My second ballot went in with no problems.

So go vote!

Also, it’s Toy Story 3 DVD (Blu-ray!) release day. Some lucky people will actually have a copy in hand today. Some stingy people who only use Amazon free shipping will get a copy by Christmas (hopefully).

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Who’s watching Sherlock on PBS?

After a very enthusiastic recommendation from Mom, quickly followed by another, we checked out the first episode over the weekend. It was fantastic. Plus it’s on the PBS site. Two episodes now!

Study in Pink was first and the Blind Banker aired last nite.

Watch them both online!

I’ll be back tomorrow. And the next day. And the next…

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Miserable failure

The corn maze defeated us.

Faces of defeat (and Peter)

It started off well

Fun times on the zip line

Smiling faces

Rallying time and again “no really, we can do this, guys”

But alas, we couldn’t get out. No celebratory gonging for us. No glory. Toddlers toddled out. Children gleefully collected their victory coins. It just wasn’t in the cards for us that day.

The evil maze mastermind

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November approaches. For the past three Novembers, I have posted something every single day. That’s 30 posts in 30 days, no excuses. Should I keep the tradition alive? Or are you sick of it?

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