Times are tough, have some comics

Do you like to read comics?  Graphic novels?  I’ve got some of both and I want to share the wealth.   So, just leave a comment down below sometime between now and the end of Saturday (November 15) to enter to win.  I’ll choose someone at random and send the whole mess your way. Shipping’s on me!

As I have mentioned before, I don’t like to keep books.  This extends to comics as well.  Even though it probably doesn’t support the artists as much, I get whatever comics and graphic novels I can from the library.  What with all the self publishing and scarcity of these things, I sometimes have to shell out the cash myself if I really want to read something that’s not available at the library.

These comics need a loving home.  Or at least one more stop before they end up in the recycle bin.

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Steals & deals

It seems to me that there are more sales going on this year.  Makes sense with the recession times and all.  Today Old Navy offered up fleece hats and scarves for $1 each.  I got a nice warm set for two smackeroos.  Certainly I already have hats and scarves, but when they must be worn every day during the long winter, a nice variety is essential.

Anybody else getting some good deals?

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Goodbye cookie parade

Apparently folks over here on the Atlantic coast never had frosted animal cookies from Mother’s.  The rest of us better brace ourselves because the company has announced that it’s going bust.

I read the news here on the internets and, wanting to savor the frosted crunchy sprinkly goodness one last time, quickly put my reliable mom on the case.  She came up empty at the grocery store.  There was a sign saying no more cookies for anyone.  Being the good mom she’s always been, she headed to Target and snagged some bags of Cookie Parade and Circus Animals.

A short two-day trip in the USPS flat rate box later, I began enjoying my very last bag of the frosted beasts. If those of you out West want to savor the Mother’s goodness one last time, you better head to a store quick quick and stock up.

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That can’t be good

My MacBook stopped sleeping a few weeks ago.  This threw a giant wrench in my daily computing life as I usually just shut the lid to put it to sleep when not in use.  The problem was that shutting the lid turned off the display, never to come back on until I restarted.  Bad as that was, the computer’s new trick is worse.

This is all the little white machine is able to produce now.  If animated GIFs were as cool as they were back in 1993, this would show the file folder flashing.  Oh, wait, it also produces some horrible clicks and clunks somewhere inside.

Perhaps a case of death by sleep deprivation?

For now, I have my little travel buddy.

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Lunch solution

When the weather turns cool, I usually switch from sandwiches to soup for my lunch at work.  Carrying the soup has been a bit of a problem.  I first bought the usual plastic bowl with a lid.  It worked okay for keeping the soup contained and heating in the microwave, but it stained easily.  Next up was a slightly better plastic container that was easily to clean and left no soupy stains.

Then I started hearing the scary stories about poisonous plastic and sure enough the hard container was one of the worst offenders when it came to BPAs and whatnot.  I kept my eyes peeled for a new solution, but before I had found my answer the container cracked.

I had tried a nice glass container with a plastic lid that worked for most food, but wasn’t leak proof enough for soup.

Finally I have arrived at the Thermos.  The stainless steel is, as far as I’m aware, not toxic.  The vacuum seal both prevents leaks and keeps my soup warm enough to eat by the time lunch rolls around. So far so good with this solution.

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Vote vote vote

I rocked the vote before work this morning.  There wasn’t much of a line.  My polling place is right across the street, which is nice.  What isn’t nice is the lack of ‘I Voted’ stickers.  To let everyone know I did indeed vote, I wore my election shoes.

To continue the festivities tonite, I am making an all-American dinner of pizza.  I may even drink an all-American beer to celebrate (or drown my sorrows).

How was everyone’s voting experience?  My ballot was paper, with bubbles that get filled in using a felt tip pen.  Massachusetts had three ballot questions and I hope I answered them the way that I meant to answer.

Just in case anyone forgot or something and just in case this website has any influence at all, go vote!

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The Twilight Saga

I have finally finished this vampire series. As a whole, it was a great set of books.  Even though I rated most of the books as fours, with one even less than that, I give the series as a whole a 4.5.  The story gave me something to ponder for quite awhile and each book had me looking forward to picking it back up again when I wasn’t reading. Lately I have been finding fewer and fewer books so compelling, so I think these are quite an accomplishment.

Certainly there are flaws.  The writing can be just slightly cringeworthy at times and I felt that, even as the longest book of the series, Breaking Dawn was a bit rushed.  It seemed that the development of relationships between characters was sacrificed in order to move the story along.  I don’t want to give anything away here so I don’t think I want to explain any further.

The entertainment value of these books outweighs any negatives in my opinion.  I haven’t looked forward to reading so much in quite awhile.  And I love to read.

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End of the road, trip

This side of the country makes it easy to roll through five states (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts) in one day.  Yesterday was a lovely day for a football match.  The Penn game was a little less crazy than I remember the Huskies games being.

After the game, we headed into the city.

Yet another shot of me having a snack.  This time at Reading Terminal Market.

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Ready, set

This first update is going to be short. I am on the road. So I will cheat. Here’s little Brown Olibear.

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Daily updates, coming soon

Though it seems NaBloPoMo is no longer limited to just the month of November, I am going to participate next month, as I did last year.

This time around I have an Ace in the hole because I could just post a picture of adorable Oliver any time I can’t think of something to write about.

Don’t think I’ve forgotten about the meat poll.  Also don’t think that I base decisions about my health on a poll of my friends and loved ones, but most people felt a little meat might do me some good.  I agree.  I will give it another try.  Sometime.

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