It’s on

Let the pie baking commence!

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More to the show

Just as expected, a shiny new light-up caught my eye as I came home this evening. Santa’s ditched his sleigh and hopped in a prop plane! With real spinning propellers! Plus, the baseball player cannot really be enjoyed without a video. Batter up.

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I don’t scrapbook

But here’s a collage.

Oliver, Oliver and much more Oliver.

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Accross the street

It’s Christmastime! The mass of Halloween blow up, light up decorations still fresh in my mind, I looked out the front window to find this staring back at me.

I have a feeling this is only the ramp up to the dazzling extravaganza yet to come.

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Three-way tie

Potatoes, mashed or sweet each got three votes, along with stuffing.  It makes sense, I suppose.  That’s why we cook all these side dishes.  Everyone has a favorite.

I will definitely be making my chipotle party yams.  Amongst other things.

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Boots passed, pants failed

A very rainy commute put my boots to the test again and my feet came out dry and warm.  My pants, on the other hand, were soaked.  Somehow the back of my shirt also got soaked, but not the sweater I’m wearing over it.

So what’s a girl to do?  Wear rain pants?  Bring a change of pants?  Get a bigger umbrella?

At least pants dry quicker than socks and shoes.

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Rock the gravy boat vote

Have you let your opinion loose in the Great American Thanksgiving side dish throwdown?

If not, do it now!

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Great American Thanksgiving side dish throwdown

All right, all right, the food-filled holiday quickly approaches and I wanna know what’s gonna be next to that bird (or Tofurkey) on your table.

[polldaddy poll=2272739]

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(Slightly) oldie but goodie

An interview with my nephew.  He’s had a haircut since and changed in many more ways, but gosh darn it if I don’t still love watching this.

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Finished my first blockbuster

Your Heart Belongs to Me by Dean Koontz.

This was pretty terrible.  All the heart transplant stuff made me squirmy.  Every chapter started with a long paragraph setting the scene with approximately 5,000 adjectives.  This is the way I would write when I was ten years old, thinking wordy descriptions filled with big words meant good writing.

It wasn’t quite as horrible when it was just about the action.

I think this isn’t one of Koontz’s best, but I don’t really want to try another.

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