New glasses

I haven’t gotten a new pair of glasses since moving east. So it was definitely time to get with the program.

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The Revolution provided scarves for the home opener.

They also provided a win.

Thank you and thank you, Revs.

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Two in a row

One more win for Sounders FC. I was hoping for three goals, but it was still a great game.

Today I spent some time with little Crosby. I’ve renamed him Pocket Kitty. I just tuck him under my arm and go about my business.

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Walking the halls

Grandma Linda and I took Oliver for a little stroll through the hallways.

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Welcome to Major League Soccer

Sounders FC came in like a lion in their first MLS game. We’ll see whether it was just beginner’s luck as the season progresses.

Okay, I must admit the jerseys aren’t the only green here. I am jealous. Seattle is crazy about this new team and I’m jealous. Even Mom is getting in on the action.

The Revolution doesn’t compare. The games are great fun, but the crowd is small, with a few attendees always poking fun at the whole thing as they watch from their company’s free seats.

Lucky for me, I hope to take in a Sounders match when I am out west next weekend.

But I’m still a Revs fan.

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St. Patrick

I will not be joining in the craziness of St. Patties in the greater Boston area, but I did make green beer.  Food coloring probably rots the cells in my body or something, but I have a bunch from making Christmas cookies and I’ve never had green beer.  I feel like my mom used to make green pancakes or something for the holiday (is that true Mom?).

You left coasters should also know that Boston celebrates Evacuation Day today, with some lucky folks getting the day off.

What’s everyone else doing?  Corned beef and cabbage?  General beer drinking?  Potatoes galore?

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Double the meow

Lincoln’s aunt Molly is in town while her folks are out of town.  This means two furry beasts in the house.  It also makes for some hissing and growling.

Think they can work out their differences and become pals?

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Cheap booze

My liquor cabinet was dry and it was time to resupply.  I went to snag new versions of what was empty but stopped short when I saw the price.  I couldn’t remember if I had really been paying that much for a bottle of bourbon, but the proof was right there on the price tag.  So I let my eyes drift downward and recalled reading something about underrated cheaper liquor.  I recalled the story well enough to remember Evan Williams being reviewed as the best, so I decided to try something different.

Well, apparently I’m not the only one shunning top shelf choices.  The New York Times reports that less expensive liquor is popular right now.

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Give me something to talk about

Enough already.  I know I haven’t updated in a long, much too long, while.  If you want some excuses, here they are.

  • It’s winter (in case I had forgotten, the blizzard yesterday was a good reminder that the nastiness is far from over just because it’s March)
  • I am still fighting off a winter cold
  • Um, it’s winter?

So, why don’t you write the post?  I’m obviously stuck in a rut.  So make it happen for me.  I need something new.  If not brand new to the world, then brand new to me.  New music, new book, new movie, new recipe, new hobby, new game, new product, new anything.  Whatcha got?

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As you know (hopefully, I mean do you know me at all?!?) I am less than six months away from the big 3-0.  My twenties are nearing an end.  So far I’m not too upset about crossing over into pure grown up territory.

What I am worrying about is how to celebrate.  30 years of Annie Jo?  It’s got to be momentous.  It’s got to be huge.  Easy, you say, just have a momentously huge party.  Ah, but my friends and family span the globe.  Or at least are divided between West Coast and New England.

So now what?  Force people to travel across the country in these troubled economic times?  Have two parties?  Forget the whole party idea and travel to a remote tropical island to celebrate in peace?

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