Western Mass

Escape from the city! Look at me out in the nature!

Now it’s back to sweltering and computers.

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Do it again, fellas!

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Roomba, so far so good

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As per usual, I’ve selected a number of pictures featuring me, me & me.  And some other people.

Take a look at many, many more pictures

Katie and I strategize for the big day.

Looking our best.

Brother, mom and me preparing for our entrance.

Cousin Nate plays a tune.

Moms and champagne.

Chatting it up with Katie’s mom.

Hugs from Oliver!

Eating sliders with Evan and Lana.

Eating cake.

Mom gives the whole thing a thumbs up. Marika and Chelsey heartily agree.

Many, many more pictures.

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Picnic and a zoo

Before heading into the zoo, sandwiches!

First up were some zebras.

Followed by elephants.

They hadn’t had their lunch yet.

UPDATE – Mom asks and she receives. Supposedly her favorite animal, I present the giraffe. Who knew they could bend down like that?

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Crowdsourced wedding pictures

While we wait for the real deal photos, here’s just a little taste of the big day.

Making my entrance.

Me and Katie during the ceremony.

My dear mom and me, having a laugh.

Ben and Oliver take care of throwing rocks into the lake.

Katie and I enjoy some cake. I was stuffed by the end of the night.

Thanks to those whose photos I nabbed. More to come!

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Cayman. Loved it.

Katie loved it too.

Sunset sail (thanks Hadley!).

We sat on the cargo net.

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We didn’t even know she was pregnant

They’re so cute, I think we’ll find room for them all.

Thanks Ben, Marika and Oliver! See you soon!

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Blood and sand! And sand! And blood!

I just finished season one of Spartacus: Blood and Sand. If you can stomach loads of blood and guts and all things unsettling, I highly recommend watching this bad boy.  Plus, it’s streaming on Netflix right now.  So no excuses.  Watch it.

I would not, however, watch it on an airplane.  I was too hooked to put it away, but the embarrassment factor was high.

If you have a Wii, make sure you get your free instant streaming disc so you can watch on your TV.

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