What the snow?

When I go from the Northeast to the Northwest for the holidays, I expect a little respite from the bitter cold.  It’s like a warm vacation, usually.

But instead of a few rain showers and a toasty fire, I am told there’s chilly weather and snow waiting for me.

Perhaps this year I am not destined to leave my gloves and boots behind.  Wish me luck traveling across the country.

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The book thief

In case nobody is tracking these sorts of things, it has been awhile since I’ve finished reading a book. Today I just reached the end of The Book Thief.

It was magnificent.  I am relieved as I was sad to think that it would be awhile before I got to read something as fantastic as the Twilight Saga.

This book is entirely different from those books, except for the fact that all are supposedly for young adults.  This one took awhile to read, but not because it was ever a chore to slog through.  The writing here is just something to really enjoy.  The only way I can think to describe it is to say that it feels handcrafted.

Certainly the story is amazing and moving and even original what with Death doing the narrating, but it is definitely the author’s skill with words that pushes this one into top-notch territory.

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These are Linzer cookies. They can be a pain to make. I once made 12 dozen for my dear Mother so she could take them to a cookie exchange. In case you can’t tell, this is a sandwich cookie. That means 12 dozen X 2 = 288 cookies.

This time I only made about one dozen.

The funny thing with all my holiday baking is that I have barely eaten any of these cookies. I have kind of lost my sweet tooth these days. Perhaps I will have to make a savory cookie. A cheese cookie or something.

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Winter warmer time

The holiday season brings not just cookies.  It brings beer.  I happen to have a soft spot for Sam Adams Old Fezziwig Ale.

On the Sam Adams site, it is referred to as the Christmas cookie of beer.  It does have some spices, but I wouldn’t say it reminds me of a cookie.  Perhaps they mean that it’s just as delicious and festive as a cookie.  That I’ll buy.

And I’d buy more of this stuff if I didn’t have to take the entire 12 bottle winter classics pack just to get it.  Within the collection sits a couple bottles of disgusting Cranberry beer.  While I’ve yet to meet a beer that will ruin my pot of chili when dumped in and cooked up, I only make so many batches of chili.  So I’ll stick with just the two measly bottles of Old Fezziwig.  After all, there are other holiday beers to be enjoyed.

Last year I tried the Harpoon Winter Warmer.  While some people really love it, the rest of my six pack ended up in the chili.  The two I did enjoy last year were He’Brew Jewbelation and Rogue’s Santa’s Private Reserve.  I do also like the Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, though I think I’ll have to enjoy that when I’m home for the holidays as it isn’t available around here.

Does anyone have a favorite holiday beer or do you just stick with your everyday favorites?

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The animals are saved

The frosted cookie animals with sprinkles, that is.

Kellogg’s knows a good thing when they see it and will take over production.  Hopefully the cookies will remain the same.

In other cookie news, I am two batches into my holiday baking.  You saw the sugar cookie cutouts.  This weekend I whipped up some peanut butter blossoms.  You know, with the Hershey Kisses on top?

All this baking is kind of a lot of work.

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Don’t forget about Dexter

Is anybody watching season three of Dexter?  I am and it is good.  Actually, it’s great.

Seriously, if you haven’t watched this show, start back at the beginning.  It’s on DVD.  What’s that you say?  It’s recession times?  Well, check it out from the library.  My library has the first two seasons available.

Has anyone read the books that the show is based on?  Darkly Dreaming Dexter is the first one.  Maybe that will be my holiday reading.

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This was great

Posting every day this month was rarely a chore and the benefits have been many.  A lot of comments.  A lot of hits (yes I do check those). A lot of fun.  At least, I had a lot of fun.  So, thanks.

Oh, and I saw the vampire movie.  Twilight.  I thought it was fantastic.

While I hope to keep on keeping on, I will be out of town for three days.  In the meantime, Oliver will keep you company.

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Baked, frosted and delicious

From Cookies

Batch number one of holiday sugar cookies is complete. The cookie cutters were great.

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Fire up the French horn

Now that the turkey is officially leftovers, it is legal to listen to holiday music.  Last year I enjoyed the Peace on Earth album.  Well, this year, the second volume is available. The proceeds go to help kids in Uganda and the music is good, so what’s stopping you?

Peace on Earth : A Charity Holiday Album Vol. II

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Happy Thanksgiving

Gobble gobble to everyone!

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