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From 2008-11-25

My first Harry & David Tower of Treats, courtesy of Mom.  Delicious.

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$3.99 are you out of your mind?!?

Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, and three times is a pattern.

At first, a few weeks ago, I thought it was some kind of fluke that the very album I wanted to download from Amazon was priced at a low $3.99.  I snapped it up in case it was an error.  The next album I went looking for a couple weeks after that was offered at the same discounted price.  At that point, I thought Amazon was reading my mind or something.  So this week I’m checking out the new Killers album and it’s listed as $3.99!

What’s the deal here?  It isn’t exactly advertised anywhere.  A couple Google searches showed these $3.99 sales being reported in deals forums and the like.  They have all been new releases and the price has been offered on the release date only.  I guess I won’t question it, I’ll just hand over my four bucks and enjoy the music.

Killers – Day & Age for $3.99 (probably today only)

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UPDATE: The winning phrase is in!  Roasted turkey with gravy.  Lana Banana has taken home the trophy!

It’s nearing the end of the month and I’m running out of things to write about.  So, how about a game of hangman?

r _ aste _    t _ r _ e _    wit _    gra _ _

Leave a comment to guess a letter.

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Cookie cutters in hand

This set of cookie cutters may not be the highest quality, but it contains all of the shapes I was after and was fairly inexpensive.  I picked up this little bucket at Target today, so I am ready to rock.

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This is a short cheat of a post because I said I would post every day this month.

Plus I still want the pie poll up near the top.

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Pie on my mind

Instead of birthday cake, I always want birthday pie.  That’s why I love Thanksgiving.  Pie is generally the dessert of choice for this meal.  So, which pie would you most like to dig into next week?

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Late to the reusable party

After many guilt-filled trips through the Trader Joe’s checkout line, I have finally purchased a reusable bag.  Though I have forgotten to bring it along on every subsequent trip, it’s bound to catch on with me one of these days.

This one was cheap ($.99) and soft.   Hopefully I can use some of my brown paper bag stash as gift wrap this Christmas.  It is a recession.  I think I’ve used the word ‘recession’ in most of my posts this month.

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Brussels sprouts, I never forgot you

I tried them once, back in January. They rated merely okay.  This time around I gobbled them up.  The difference between then and now, I believe, is the size of the sprout.  My batch last night was made up only of baby Brussels sprouts.  I used the same recipe as before, a little olive oil, salt and pepper, and roasted them just like last time.  So I think a smaller vegetable is better tasting with better texture.

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Tea for me

For many years now I have been drinking tea pretty much daily.  So what’s in my daily cuppa?  Generally I’ll go for the Republic of Tea PassionFruit Papaya black tea blend.  I started drinking it when it was known as Zen Dream Tea and had a bit of a meltdown when they changed the name because I thought it had been done away with.  Luckily the PassionFruit Papaya appears to be an exact match.  I buy in bulk, 250 bags at a time.

Around the holidays I like to mix it up a little and brew up some Tea of Good Tidings, also from the Republic of Tea.  It’s a little fruity with some hints of holiday spice.  Another one of my favorites during the holiday season is Joy from Starbucks.

So those are my tea habits.  What kinds of tea does everyone else favor?

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Banana cupcakes

I like bananas.  I buy them sometimes.  I never finish them all before they turn brown and mushy.  That’s when I toss them in the freezer.

This being recession times, I have been using up food that I already have.  Turns out I had about a dozen frozen bananas.  First I made banana bread.  It was delicious, but I wanted something different.

Banana cupcakes!  They were really tasty. You can find the recipe over at

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