Trip to the beach

Okay, the beach (Kailua, Hawaii) was on an island in the middle of the Pacific, about 5,000 miles away from home.  But boy was it a great trip to the beach.

These folks only had to travel from Seattle.  We had one last birthday hurrah for Mom/Grandma Linda.

This little guy was a lot of fun.

Although he was really liking Katie this trip.

The pool was nice.

The beach was beautiful.

There’s not much more to say.  It was everything a Hawaiian vacation should be.  More pictures from the Cains, the birthday girl and yours truly.

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What time is it?

What day is it?  Jet lagged from Hawaii, with the time change, I’ve got no clue what’s going on.  I do know that today marks the start of blog posting month once again and I am a sucker for trying to post each and every day in November.

My first attempt was easy as I spent the whole month talking about my impending aunthood.

The second attempt was fairly smooth as well.  I worked up some ideas before the month began and stuck with themes like holiday baking and, of course, Oliver.

This time around, I’ve got no such list worked up, but Oliver is still around for an easy cute photo post and at least I’ll have some vacation pics for the next day or two.  Here’s a taste.

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Just in time

My happy harvest Mom Care Package arrived just in time.  It was soooo nice to put on these cushy socks after having wet feet all day from a morning monsoon. The flannel pj’s were just icing on the cake.

Thanks for the October loungewear Mom!

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Joined up!  The Costco, that is.  I am once again a member at the wholesale warehouse club extraordinaire.  So, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a Costco card.  First of all, the pictures are as truly hideous as I remembered.  Second of all, I’m not up on the latest and greatest Costco deals.

The first cart full of goods included toilet paper, Kleenex and fresh pineapple (thanks for that reco, Laura!).  I think they have veggie sausage patties, but I forgot to get them.  My next trip I’ll be sure to grab those.

What else do I need to include?  What are your favorite Costco buys?

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Fall TV so far

Not all the new shows have aired yet, but I just want to express a little disappointment.  I was looking forward to Glee and Community, but just found them to be so-so.  Accidentally on Purpose was just as I thought it would be, which was mildly enjoyable.  Jay Leno was gosh awful.

I still hold out a little hope for Modern Family and maybe even Flash Forward.

Is it because I only like what I know?  Is it because shows need time to blossom?  Whatever the case may be, I was pleased to watch a new episode of the Office and I look forward to 30 Rock and Dexter coming back.  Heck, I am even looking forward to the return of Lost even though I hate every episode and yet cannot stop watching.

Any thoughts?

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Cookie cake pie

Good for all occasions.  To celebrate Laura and Peter’s recent engagement (congratulations guys!), I whipped up this creation that I discovered on the internet.  Pie crust, followed by a layer of chocolate chip cookie, followed by cake.  I went with Betty Crocker rainbow chip.  The whole thing gets frosted and voilà!  Cookie cake pie.

It turned out fairly delicious and the combination possibilities are endless. Peanut butter cookie with chocolate cake comes to mind.  Here’s the recipe.

Cookie Cake Pie recipe via CakeSpy

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A jaunt to the Cape

After a bit of a choppy ride aboard the fast ferry (okay, I was the only one who felt a little green), our first stop was the public library.  The outside wasn’t much to look at but they have a half scale boat right inside!

After an action packed day filled with eating delicious things, enjoying crazy good people watching and marveling at how many dogs were vacationing on the Cape, we head back to the ferry.

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A little more family time

Oliver at the zoo

Squeezing a little more auntie-nephew time out of the summer, we checked out the zoo. Monkeys were Oliver’s favorite, but the tapirs were a close second.

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Mom and I soaked in some Disney last week in celebration of our big birthday milestones this year.

A rainbow greeted us at the resort.

From Disney

We had to have Mickey waffles for our first breakfast.

From Disney

Waiting for a bus to somewhere fun.

From Disney

I enjoyed a pretzel at Epcot.

From Disney
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Is this the same Oliver?

For those of you who don’t stalk Oliver on his own turf, here’s his latest video. I saw this kid about ten days ago and already he’s changed so much.


They grow up so fast.


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