So it begins

November really snuck up on me, but I remember something about promising (threatening?) to post every day of this month.

So count this as a sort of introduction post.  I plan on writing about whatever aunthood issues come up, as well as babbling on about other things.  It’s about quantity.  Though I’ll do the best I can for quality.  Or at least try a little.

For anyone unawares, the Aussies have a new show out about librarians.  The first episode aired last nite and can now be seen on the internets.  It’s here:

The Librarians, episodes online

I learned as much as I could about Halloween and children, in preparation for being an aunt.  From what I gathered, kids are slightly ill-behaved in costume and if you have really small ones, there’s a lot of extra candy.

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Wiitastic fun was had by all for the ghoul and ghost gaming party. Though you’ll have to turn your computer screen on end for this clip, I think it’s well worth it.

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Yeah, I’m watching

I’ll tune my television to the game.  At least a few innings.  It was easier on the west coast when things got rolling at 5 instead of 8.  I suppose I was also younger then.

The people behind NaNoWriMo have been sending me tempting invitations to participate in the crazy novel writing month again.  I am fairly certain I’ll decline this year, but my plan is to go for NaBloPoMo this time around.  The theme will be my impending aunthood.  I figure a topic will help string me along.

So stay tuned.

Also, any thoughts, advice or encouragement about your own aunthood or aunts would make for great conversation next month.  Please send it my way.

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On and on

I ordered the latest Harry Potter pretty much right when it was published.  Seeing a number of copies up for grabs at the library the other day reminded me that I still haven’t finished the last installment of the Potter saga and shamed me into giving it another go.  Believe you me, I have tried.  I sit down and try to read that sucker, but it just isn’t happening.

Is it me?  Is it Harry?  I don’t know.  I have an entire rainy day ahead of me to try and slog through some pages.

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Mission complete

The wedding bells have rung and now I’ve got one married brother and and one new sister-in-law. Check out some of the celebration via the photo booth at Usnaps (hint: the secret code is ‘vashonwedding’ and the bride and groom are on page 6 and I’m on page 7).

A few more shots can be found in this album.

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Scoot, a Katie Sos joint

Annie Jo scoots. Katie films with a steady hand and then whips up an awesome movie.

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Live action Wii KO

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Stop forgetting to remember

This was the best graphic novel I have read in awhile.  Peter Kuper exploited every advantage that the comics format has to offer and to great success.  I loved the blocky artwork with a little scratchiness to it and really enjoyed the sepia colored flashbacks.

The story was amazing and I had to force myself to put the book away so it wouldn’t be over too soon.  This is the type of book that makes me despise comics in that it takes such a long time for an author to create another work.

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Breaking it in

On my way to work this morning, I glanced at the old odometer and saw 100 miles. So far so good on my little MadAss. It’s a hoot to ride around. The streets can be a touch bumpy on a little bike and even a 30mph max speed can be dangerous so I picked up some new safety gear.


Tomorrow the UPS man should deliver me a jacket with armor. Laugh if you want, but safety comes first for Annie Jo.

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Made it to the top

Made it to the top, originally uploaded by jocainster.

For all the naysayers out there, more proof of hiking activity. This time I got quite a view at the top.

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