A little bit more pie

To relieve my pie withdrawal symptoms, I sampled some offerings on the east coast. First we filled up on falafel.

Finally some sun!

And the pie.

Amanda got America’s vote for her delicious blueberry pie. The birthday girl favorite went to Laura’s key lime. Thanks for the pies guys.

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Backyard picnic and pie party

Mom threw a rockin’ birthday celebration at her place last weekend.  Thanks Mom!  Thanks everyone for coming! Also thanks Katie for the pictures.

Really, this was my first beer.  I don’t know why I’m winking.

From July in WA

I saw some delicious sandwiches. Nice presentation, Bun. I like that diagonal slice.

From July in WA

Chelsey and I make the guests come to us.

From July in WA

Kate and Damon, hopefully ignoring my weird hand motions.

From July in WA

I share my chips.

From July in WA

Paging Dr. Hartung.

From July in WA

Toddlers in action.

From July in WA

I choose the pies I want to taste (all of them).

From July in WA

Okay, maybe too much pie. I have to take a breather.

From July in WA

The blue ribbon winners! Mom takes home the birthday girl’s choice (big surprise) with my favorite raspberry pie and Molly gets the crowd favorite for her strawberry tart.

From July in WA

More pie (party pics) are over at Cain Central.

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4th on Vashon

The island provided more sunshine and fun times for the holiday.  Katie managed to snag some excellent shots.

From July in WA

Oliver alternated between sand and surf with his sandbox and pool.

From July in WA

My brother beat me two times in croquet. Boo.

From July in WA

We walked the McElroy grounds, saw some deer and ate some cherries.

From July in WA

Then over to see some fireworks.

From July in WA

Trying to find the best view.

From July in WA
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More fun in the sun

Oliver needed a little roughhousing from his Auntie Annie.

After leaving him to enjoy a pool party, Mom (Grandma Linda), Katie, Crosby and I enjoyed some sunset time on the deck in Gig Harbor.

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Toddler Oliver

Cute as ever, Oliver toddles a lot more and talks a lot more and is even more cute than the last time I saw him. He gives kisses, points out busses and feeds his own little self.

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Weekend in Maine

Maine was as grey as Boston has been, but still offered me a good time last weekend.

Luckily, despite the warning, no lives were lost the day we were at Pemaquid Point. Alayne and Katie crept as close as they dared to the spray.

See the whole adventure in my Maine photos.

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This little toddler ran me into the ground.

From Elliot & Kristen

Elliot and Kristen came all the way from Idaho to dig in the dirt. And pet sheep.

From Elliot & Kristen

To earn her room and board, Elliot showed us how to work the computer.

From Elliot & Kristen

Thanks for coming guys, and thanks for giving us a chance to go to the neighborhood park without looking creepy.

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Pie primer from my perspective

Now the birthday countdown sits at exactly one month.  So, if anyone is planning on presenting me with pie (ahem), I thought I might run down some of my favorites.

  • Berry pies – raspberry has traditionally been known as my top favorite, probably because that’s what Mom used to make.  I also like blackberry, marionberry and fresh strawberry.  Or a bumble of berries together.
  • Citrus – lemon meringue is another traditional favorite of mine, but I also enjoy key lime.
  • Other fruit – I definitely like apple pie and I probably like other fruits like peach (note: probably not rhubarb)
  • Custardy or creamy – banana cream pie is delicious and I have enjoyed a slice or two of vanilla custard pie or pecan pie
  • Chocolatey, cookie, candy – I like these too.  Chocolate pudding pie, other pudding pie, cookies in pie, peanut butter or caramel or pie involving ice cream or whipped cream or whatever.  I’ll take them all.

Are there any I’m missing that you know I like?

I most definitely want pie now.  So bring it on.

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Really really far in advance

Toy Story 3 is coming your way in June!  2010.  Oh.  Well, the trailer is up now.  I love that it gives nothing away from the movie, yet still manages to entertain.

Plus I can take Oliver next year! Save the date little guy.

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Sliders are cute

I know some hardcore food people will say my mini black bean burgers are not actually sliders, but I’m sure you all get the idea. I just took my usual bean burger recipe and made them smaller. Slap them on a tiny bun and they are somehow more delicious.

This picture is also with my new camera. Sorry, it’s all I’ve taken so far for those of you demanding new camera pics.

Black Bean Burgers

  • 1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1/2 onion chopped up
  • 1/2 cup oatmeal
  • taco seasoning

I whirl all this in a food processor, form whatever size patties and then bake them in a 400 degree oven for about 10-15 mins a side.

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