Brown bag

Or silver thermos.  I generally bring my lunch to work.  In the thermos that I got last year around this time.

Sometimes I have soup or chili, sometimes there’s beans and rice to be found inside.  I generally cook up a big batch of something on Sunday for the upcoming work week.  Some days I ditch the thermos and make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I’ve also been known to go out from time to time.

What does everybody else do?  Pack a sandwich?  Leftovers?  Out to eat?  Eat at home?

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Against me

Do you ever feel that the world is conspiring against you?  Sigh.

Over the weekend, I cashed in all my coins at one of those machines in the grocery store.  I felt a sense of accomplishment.  Got a little extra cash for holiday shopping.


Then I read that the little machines, starting a day or so after my coin cashing, are throwing in an extra $10 when you cash in $40.  Yes, my change totaled just over $40.  ARGH!$@*&!!!!

I was going to write about cashing in coins because I’m curious about what other people do with coins.  I think my ma still rolls them up in those paper sleeves.  Is that right ma?  Do other people try to use their change as they get it?  Save it up for the machine?  Roll it themselves?

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Merry holidays from Google

If you’re flying sometime in the coming weeks, enjoy free wifi at the airport.  Google is letting travelers connect for free at 47 airports and both of mine are on the list.

Anybody else getting on a plane for the holidays?  I usually don’t pay for the wifi, but I might use it for free.

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While on my recent family vacation, my brother reintroduced the idea of hard cider.  I sampled a few back in the days before I liked beer but then mostly forgot all about it.  Once the idea was back in my head, I was itching to give it another go.

In the liquor store, it dawned on me that I have no idea how to choose cider.  Granted, there aren’t that many options here in the United States, but I still felt a little intimidated.  I spotted Harpoon and snagged it because they generally do a good job of things.

I cracked one open this weekend.  I was expecting it to be fizzier than it was, but overall it was good.

Anybody else drink hard cider?  Any suggestions for what to buy?

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Club Nintendo

Being a Platinum member of Club Nintendo for the year, I got a little downloadable Wii game.  Mom achieved Gold status and received an awesome desk calendar that she kindly donated to me.  Thanks Mom!

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Friday night nachos, Saturday morning pancakes.

If you’re lucky enough to score an invite to eat Jason’s famous pancakes, you accept with a resounding ‘hurrah’ and decide on plain or chocolate chip.

I went with plain.  Katie went with chocolate chip.

Delicious!  Thanks Jason.

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It’s Friday night, and as happens on many Friday nights, I’m having nachos for dinner.

Do you have a favorite Friday night dinner?  Pizza?  Fajitas?

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The iPhone seems to be seeping into the lives of my friends and family. I was resistant at first and while I don’t exactly have that crazy craving for one yet, I do think it would be useful. Unfortunately I just switched to Verizon because my house is a dead zone for AT&T.

Maybe the Droid will be for me?

So, I want to know.

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Blockbuster bestsellers

These books go unnoticed by a lot of us. At least for me, they blend into the bookcase background. I’m talking about James Patterson, Danielle Steel, Clive Cussler. These names are everywhere, but I guess it’s for a reason. Bestselling authors are bestselling. Top sellers. Popular. So popular that these people write book after book after book and sell millions of each.

So these bestsellers are popular, but they are also considered somewhat low brow. Looked down upon and called names. Which I guess is why I’ve never read any of them. Maybe a John Grisham here and there and at least one Nicholas Sparks, though I don’t remember that one.

A little while ago I began to get curious about what exactly was underneath those familiar covers. I saw them again and again in the airport newsstands. They must be there for a reason. They must be popular for a reason. So I’m gonna try them out. Give them a go. I won’t judge these books by the cover, or reputation, any longer.

I was pretty much able to compile a list of these mega-authors just by letting the names creep into my head. The bit of research I did only confirmed that these ten authors were spot on.  In no particular order except the order in which I conjured up their names, here they are.  Wish me luck.


  • Nora Roberts
  • Danielle Steel
  • James Patterson
  • Dean Koontz
  • Patricia Cornwell
  • Debbie Macomber
  • Clive Cussler
  • Louis L’Amour
  • Robert Ludlum
  • Tom Clancy

Anybody have any favorites they’d like to suggest?

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Hunger Games trilogy

Only two of the proposed three books have been published, but so far I give this series the Annie stamp of approval.  If you’re looking for a book to become addicted to, pick up the first one.  The second book was almost as good as the first and got me through a red-eye flight.  I gave the first book five stars and the second an almost perfect 4.5 stars.

Survival stories really capture my interest and this is one fast moving story.  These are, like many of my recent favorites, billed as young adult books.

The second book just came out so it might be a bit of a wait for the third.  I for one will be counting down the days.

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