Start it up again

Hopefully this post is better late than never.  I was out west a week ago, spending time with nephew Oliver and the rest of the family.

We made some funny faces.

We had some good times.

Oliver showed me all of his amazing new tricks. All at once. Sitting up. Rolling around. Pulling himself up. I was impressed.

I also discovered the Chocodile.  Unfortunately, just like my baby nephew, it is only available on the West Coast.  Now that I think about it, I can see that this is just another persuasion technique employed by my very own family.

“Chocodiles and cute babies,” they say.  “All this could be yours.”

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Summer music

If you’re looking for something new for a road trip or plane ride this summer, check out the new album from Girl Talk. It’s available for download at whatever price you want to pay.

Girl Talk – Feed the Animals

I’ve given it a few listens on the road and on the bus. So far so great. If you’re unfamiliar with Girl Talk, it’s a DJ remixing and putting together a big old amazing mashup. The songs sample from and cycle through some great hits from the past, all layered together in a brilliant mix.

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29 feelin’ fine

At Mom’s request, I am posting to say today is my birthday!

Oliver has already sent his wishes!

Frankly, I don’t think anybody can top that, but . . . let the birthday wishes roll in!

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When life comes up short

Make shortcake!

The strawberries in the second CSA delivery arrived soaking wet and quite mushy. Perhaps due to the humidity and/or the thunderstorming, they were not really snackable. They did make an excellent strawberry shortcake though. I also managed to sneak an egg into the dough from the previous week’s delivery.

Along with the strawberries was a loaf of wheat bread, some lettuces, more pea tendrils and something that I think is spinach.

Just a reminder that you can check out the latest Oliver celeb spottings at Cain Central.

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Cain Central

Welcome the new Cain family to the internets.

Soon enough little Oliver will be able to post things himself. Kids these days. They’re born knowing how to do the technology.

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CSA experience, week one delivery

We took the plunge and went for a half-share of a CSA (community supported agriculture). Ours goes a step further by delivering right to the front door. Today was the first delivery.

You’re looking at

  • Some kind of bitter greens? Pea tendrils
  • Basil plant
  • Loaf of cranberry nut bread
  • Strawberry jam
  • Dozen eggs
  • Most delicious strawberries ever

I’m not sure I know how to take care of a basil plant but it smells tasty. Not much produce this week but I imagine that changes as the season progresses. I bought local strawberries last week and they tasted quite good, but these are just outstanding.

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Happy father’s day!

Happy first father’s day to my brother!

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Austin is delicious

Tex-Mex and Mexican food was everything I dreamed it would be in Texas.  Tour guide Katie led me to great eateries, cute little shops and good-lookin’ sites like the hill country and Travis Lake.

The heat was hot, but maybe less humid than Boston.

It was a great visit with tasty food and fun times in the sunshine. Check out the rest of the pictures.

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More good television

Remember Super Size Me? Well if anybody doesn’t know that creator Morgan Spurlock has a show on FX, I encourage you to check it out. 30 days is sort of a fish out of water story with a little social commentary thrown in. The very first episode has Morgan and his then girlfriend trying to live on minimum wage for a month.

Check out the first season on

Season 3 premiered on Tuesday night with Morgan working in a coal mine for 30 days. It looks like Hulu is also going to get the latest season’s episodes a week after they air for anybody without the FX channel.

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My travel buddy

It dawned on me that I have not introduced my newest little companion.

No, I think you already know Lincoln the cat. My new pal is an Asus Eee PC. A little computer made for the open road. Or the airport, which I more frequently use to travel. This laptop is tiny, but gets the job done. I took it to visit Oliver last month and used it to hop on the internet and upload his jumping bean video.

After the incident, I no longer check luggage. I have also taken to wearing slip-on shoes. So this is just one more thing to ease my traveling. It weighs a lot less than my regular computer and can slip into a much smaller spot in my bag.

In fact, I’ll be slipping it into my bag when I head out for Austin, TX this weekend. Tex-Mex food, here I come!

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