Oliver smiles

For those of you who don’t keep up with my baby nephew’s YouTube page, here he is with a new trick.

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For those not in the know, the favicon is that little image that appears in the address bar of your browser and on tabs and sometimes other places.

Currently a little red letter ‘E’ is the favicon here at Easysticks. A lot of other lazy website owners also have some form of the first letter of the site as a favicon. I wish not to be associated with these people so I need your help.

Any favicon ideas? Something that represents this site? Something that represents me?

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Eye-Fi, you spy

This new gadget I’ve got is really the cat’s pajamas. The Eye-Fi wireless memory card does exactly what it says it will and has banished my camera’s USB cable to a dusty corner. I snap some pictures, leave my camera on for a few moments and like magic they appear in both my online web albums and my computer’s photo folder. No fuss, no muss, just take the pictures and wait (ever so briefly) for them to appear from clouds of fairy dust.

My friends, family members and stalkers can enjoy the benefits. There are a few shots up in my Picasa Web Albums.

Now no post should go without the thousand words a picture has to offer. So I’ll give you my latest obsession, the Meyer lemon. I’ve just been squeezing them into beverages and sleeping with them under my pillow. Anybody have any good recipes to take advantage of these lemons?

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The Break-Up Diet

This single mom break-up story has great potential due to some unique elements. Exotic dancing to pay the bills and homeschooling a misunderstood son while working towards a writing career makes for an intriguing mix. Unfortunately, a few flaws made the book less enjoyable than I had hoped.

It is a compelling story and I had no trouble turning page after page, but the cluttered somewhat clunky writing started getting in the way of my reading enjoyment. Her son is charming and that mother-son relationship is a great piece of the story. There are some great scenes and I was certainly never bored, but I felt like the rest needed a little something.

As with any break-up, it’s easy for an outsider to pass quick judgment on the situation and I found myself in that very position, frustrated that she wasn’t just getting over it already and moving on. One contributing factor was that I just never felt like I got a sense of the weight of the relationship and so found it hard to really feel the heartbreak. And I think that’s essential in this type of tale.

I scored this book from LibraryThing Early Reviewers. This is the review I wrote for the site.
LibraryThing Early Reviewers

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The peanut says hello to his aunt

Baby nephew Oliver lifts his head to say hey to me!

He loves me already. For the complete Oliver video collection, visit his YouTube site.

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Recent high-risk activity

This is the second time in not so many months that I’ve gotten this bright red notice when I log into my credit card account. I actually really appreciate that Citibank is on the ball, but it’s a bit embarrassing running down a list of recent charges and admitting ‘yes, that was me’ to each one.

Import Japanese video game? Yes, yes, I ordered that.

$1.99 from iTunes? Um, yup, bought an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations.

Newegg.com? Okay, so I bought another video game. Jeez.

Perhaps it’s time to lay off the ‘Place Order’ button. I may need to stay away from the Internets altogether in my free time. Of course that would mean no updates here, so I can’t very well do that. Am I the only one that gets these calls? Do I really make more online purchases than the average cardholder?

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Remember Oliver?

He is my tiny baby nephew. I have been neglecting him on this site in favor of food. Lately he is just too cute, so have a little sample.

I get my daily baby nephew fix at Oliver Everyday.

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Stuck in a food rut

It has been awhile since I’ve added new items to my regular cooking repertoire. Well, I guess I tried the Brussels sprouts, but I’m talkin’ main dishes here. Meals.

I need some inspiration. I don’t get Food Network and PBS is showing ‘Viewers Favorites’ today so there won’t be any Mark Bittman or Everyday Food to study.

In my head, I picture something noodly or rice-based or chock full of beans. I don’t know. Something new and delicious. Sans exotic ingredients.

I know it’s a broad request. Maybe a nice go-to recipe of someone else would fit the bill. A lunch or dinner you’ve got down pat.

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Feed me back

I gotta say I am really enjoying all the feedback. So many great ideas for Brussels sprouts. Before that it was the book suggestions.

Generally I think the mission statement for my blog is something like this:

“Keep people far and near updated on the Annie Jo goings on”

Since a lot of friends and family live far away, it’s an attempt to connect. But I like the addition of this ‘forth’ to my ‘back’ (or vice-versa?), so please keep it coming.

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This time it’s bread

It turned out delicious. I made the no-knead special.

The first time I tried this, it was brilliant. The second time I made the recipe, the dough was terribly sticky and I later realized that I had measured the water incorrectly, putting too much in. The bread was good, but a dish towel was nearly lost in the process. This third time around I added some walnuts and it produced quite a tasty loaf.

I say, give this bread a try if you haven’t already. If anybody is wondering, I use a 2 quart Pyrex glass bowl with a lid (fairly inexpensive at Target if I remember correctly). I will also mention that I get my yeast from Costco because it’s about $3 for a huge sack of it that lasts for months.

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