To buy, or not

After a few rounds of four player Mario Kart, the need for a TV feeling has reemerged. Though it’s easy to spend other people’s money, I ask, should I buy a bigger, flatter set? Do they even call them ‘sets’ anymore?

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Gosh darn good television

The second season of the television version of This American Life has started up and I managed to get my grubby paws on episode one.

It was amazing.

If you haven’t seen the show, check it out.  Season one is available for download on iTunes and Amazon.

I do not subscribe to Showtime.  You  may remember I am also in love with the Dexter program that the network airs. If I even subscribed to any cable at all I might consider expanding to the premium Showtime, though probably not.  For now I will keep my eyes peeled for season two on iTunes.  I would happily part with my cash for those episodes.  The whole television thing seems a bit busted these days.

This coming Thursday also brings the return of So You Think You Can Dance.  I eagerly anticipate the first day of tryouts.

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Oliver visit field report

Baby nephew was a lot of fun. He smiles, he stands (with a little help) and he jumps. Also, he loves to read! What else is there to say? I miss him already.

Hello Oliver!

Here is a little action video.

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My crazy mom sent me a card for Mother’s Day. With an iTunes card!

Thanks Mom!

So let this be a lesson to remember your mother, if you’re lucky enough to have one around, with flowers or candy or whatever she loves best this Sunday. You were all once as helpless as baby Oliver here and she was there to take care of your little self.

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Mario Kart

Pretty much the reason I buy any Nintendo system.
I’m not keen on the wheel yet, but maybe in time it will grow on me. I challenge you to a race!

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Two movies in two days

I haven’t been going to the theater to see movies much these days.  Mostly it’s Netflix.  I used to go very frequently so this weekend has been a blast of the past I guess.

First up was my first ever film festival experience with We Are Wizards at the Independent Film Festival Boston.  The movie, or I guess I should say film, was pretty enjoyable and I think Wizard People’s Brad Neely was the star.  He produced a crazy audio track to accompany the first Harry Potter movie and was the funniest dude in the documentary.

Then today it was Baby Mama with Tina Fey.  It was as you might expect if you’ve seen previews.

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One hundred

This latest incarnation of Easysticks is now at 100 posts. Easysticks has been around for awhile, but I converted it into this blog format one year ago.

In other news, I broke down and bought a new iPod. This is technically my fourth iPod. The first one was, I believe, a 10GB 2nd generation unit. Before the click wheel. It broke, but I had a replacement plan from Best Buy so I jumped through all the nasty hoops to get a replacement in the form of an iPod mini. Third up is a 1GB nano that came free with my computer.

My first one was a gift, so really this new nano is the first iPod I have ever purchased. It’s green because for some reason the green one was cheaper.

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Mount Auburn Cemetery

The sun is shining and we all know what that means. Time to visit the local cemetery! The Mount Auburn Cemetery is actually a lovely place to wander around on a warm spring day.

The tower was a little scary, but offered great views all around.

So, isn’t it like snowing or something in Seattle?

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Apparently my brother (you may know him as Oliver’s pop) received my subliminal sibling emergency call for music because I received a mixtape in the mail a day after my blog post! Yee haw!

Yesterday was my first commute of the season on the scoot. We had a little patch of trouble on the way home, but all seems to be well now. Knock on wood.

It’s been awhile since a cute photo, so without further ado.

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My ears are desperate

Time for another plea from yours truly.  My iPod is stale.  My stereo frowns at me every time I pass by.

I need some new tunes!

Please tell me you’ve been listening to something good.  What is it?

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