Snow day

Even though I am all grown up now, I still get a snow day. Ain’t life grand?

Guess I’ll get to use my new thermal underwear tomorrow.


Baking ‘O’ pretzels for Oliver

Last Sunday I baked some pretzels to take to work as a celebration of my new nephew. Here’s me doing the dirty work.


My other baby

After ignoring my poor little scoot for quite some time, I ventured out to the garage and wheeled it into the daylight.  About eight strenuous kickstarts later, the engine was up and running.  I was really just planning on letting it warm up to make sure winter hadn’t sucked all the life out of it, but the somewhat warm day lured me into a short ride.

So all is well on two wheels here and the temperature has dropped back down.  It seemed winter had left, the snow is just about melted, but snow is now back in the forecast.  I will be glad to make good use of my cold weather winter loot.

image update

Oh, it’s a new year

Oliver’s arrival sort of pushed a lot of other things out of my mind. Now I have really realized that it’s 2008 and I might want to reflect on the previous year as well as make a few goals for the new one.

Well, reflecting takes a lot of work and I’m still tired from traveling back across the country. Most of my year was taken up by my brother getting married and having a son. Other happenings and events don’t really pop into my mind (sorry if you feel you are a happening or event that should). I am just very happy that Marika has joined the party and made my brother a happy dad. I am also very happy that Oliver has arrived.

For 2008 I plan on starting my career as an awesome aunt. That should take up a good amount of time and effort if I’m doing it correctly. I don’t really have anything else major. I like what’s going on and I plan on keeping it up.

Now for a baby picture. Oliver at one week.

Week old Oliver


Oliver and his Grammy Linda

Oliver and his Grammy Linda, originally uploaded by jocainster.

He’s only about five days old and has changed so much already. Still pretty tiny though.


See it to believe it

Via the DaddyCam, Oliver stars in his first moving picture.


Oliver Charles Cain

My nephew popped onto the scene this morning at 7:10am.  He is bright eyed and ready to make his way in the world.

Some of the rest of us are a little tired, most especially Oliver’s mom (way to go Marika!!!!!).

He just squeaked under the New Year’s wire and I am thankful he arrived before I had to leave.   More later, for sure.


Mom’s Nintendo Wii was stolen

The Nintendo Wii I tracked down more than two months ago and eagerly anticipated giving to my Mom for Christmas was stolen right out of my luggage on my trip from Boston to Seattle.

I packed my stuff, took the bus to the subway to the bus to the airport and arrived in good time on Christmas Eve evening. The nice ticket agent checked me in right away (there’s never a line at the Alaska Airlines desk in Boston) and threw my Wii stuffed bag on the conveyor belt.

Right from baggage claim on the other end I noticed the zipper on my bigger suitcase was a little open. A few steps later the bag looked noticeably droopy as the Wii box had made the soft sides look squared.

At that point my heart sank and I think I knew what had happened. A frantic look inside confirmed my suspicion that a sticky fingered baggage handler or whatever kind of airport employee had taken my lovingly acquired Nintendo Wii. My Mom’s Christmas present. On Christmas Eve.

Call me naive but my one concern with checking the Wii in my luggage was that it would be damaged. But I figured that it was tucked into its packaging and surrounded by some clothes.

Here is what I have learned:

  • Alaska Airlines reserves the right to steal electronics from checked luggage
  • Alaska Airlines employees have no kind words or sympathy for victims of stolen Christmas presents
  • People steal stuff (I have “learned” this many times, perhaps this is a refresher)
  • Vans are the perfect shoe for airport security

So since TSA inspected my bag, my only recourse is to file a claim with them. That should be a great success.

I did not bring my own Wii thinking we’d play Mom’s. So I am Wiiless on what should have been a Wii-filled Christmas (brother got a Wii from Mom and me). The money down the drain and the fact that I can’t just waltz into a store and buy a new one (scarce supply) was bothersome. Mom’s not having a big gift to open Christmas morning was more bothersome. Christmas was still awesome though and we’ll (brother and me) make it up to Mom whether she likes it or not.


Nacho cheese sauce

It’s the holidays. It’s cold outside. It’s time for nacho cheese sauce. This one is pretty easy and fantastically tasty. One thing that would have improved my experience would be a slow cooker. The cheese firms up a little once it’s away from heat. You can dip tortilla chips in, pour it over crusty bread or use it as a base for mac & cheese and nachos.

  • 4 tablespoons butter
  • 1 chopped onion
  • 4 tablespoons flour
  • 2 cups milk
  • 1 pound shredded cheese

Heat up the butter and then caramelize the onions (I chopped the onion into pretty small pieces). Add the flour and cook a few minutes, stirring constantly. Pour in the milk (I actually used nonfat) and then add the cheese. I used a blend of mild and sharp cheddar with a little monterey jack, but the possibilities are endless. Keep stirring until the cheese is melted, about 15 minutes.


Snow is falling once again

I think we got at least another 4″ of snow today. While I don’t have a photo (my resolution for 2008 might be to take more photos and I’m hoping Santa brings me some things to ease that process), I will show you my footwear. They may look a little clunky but I am grateful for them.

Warm and toasty. Sturdy and dry. Harvard Square gets a little squishy when snow is around and these puppies do a fine job of cutting through the slush and tromping over the crusties.