Farewell B+C

When you’re feeling sick it’s never a bad idea to read some stories

Having a little chat in the sun with Supey

“It’s a rule” she said as she climbed on the table, meaning that it’s allowed.

Showing Carolyn her new panda water bottle

Making Brita come to Millie the cat’s hiding place for the billionth time

Racing through the maze of packed boxes

We’re going to miss you! A lot a lot a lot!

It’s exhausting to say farewell

5 replies on “Farewell B+C”

It’s so sad that Brita and Carolyn are leaving you, although their new adventures are so exciting! I love getting to see all the boxes and the apartment one last time! Thanks! Way to go Hazel making it over for goodbyes even when feeling sick!

Amen to ALL that. I hope that the senior-Zitins-still-here can continue to have some Hazel-sightings! Thanks for those pics. xox Hope she feels better soon.

Oh, boy oh boy, it’s exhausting, alright! I’m so glad you guys came, and stayed for as long as you did. Thank you! We will miss you guys sooo much. Thank goodness for Easysticks. It’s not the same, but I know it makes a big difference for a lot of long-distance Hazel fans. We’re just joining their ranks!

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