Christmas 2013

Family portrait in Hazel’s new big girl bed

Santa also brought glitter glue — his interpretation of the “sparkly things” Hazel wanted from a book illustration — and a blue Lightning McQueen

A quiet moment

Before the uproarious fun of moving the big girl bed into Hazel’s room

Helping to dismantle the frame

All set up and almost invisible beneath the covers

6 replies on “Christmas 2013”

Merry Christmas, guys! What a great family photo–even Lincoln got in the shot! It looks like Hazel had a really exciting Christmas, and that bed looks really great in her room.

Merry Christmas back, Laura! Lincoln had a pretty awesome day with all the ribbon and wrapping. Hazel’s pretty pleased with her new bed and the new look of her room!

I would say that Lincoln had the best Christmas of his life. A new snuggly bed to sleep on was icing on the cake for that little guy.

Glad the bed was a hit! But what you didn’t report on yet was the first night of SLEEPING in it. Do tell!

The first night was pretty great: after struggles that were Christmas-excitement related rather than bed related, she fell asleep on her own in the new bed and stayed about half the night!

Yes, great family portrait. . . and beautiful big girl bed!! I’m also interested to know how the sleeping went. . .

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