It’s beginning to look

The tree is a little small this year

Buzz and Woody don’t mind

Tiny stockings are hung

The Peanuts approve

Grandma Velma specials

This Christmas makes thirty-two

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On to another daily activity

Instead of writing a blog post every day, I get to eat a chocolate. Thanks to my mom, I still get an advent calendar each year. This one is one of my favorite scenes ever.

Anybody else doing an advent calendar? Chocolate or not?

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Holiday music time

For me. I like to fire up the holiday music as soon as Thanksgiving is over.

Target has a nice little holiday album for free.

I also really enjoy the two Peace on Earth charity albums.

Any other favorites? New additions?

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Plane to pizza

This is all I’ve accomplished today. Flight across country. Delivery pizza.

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Root beer showdown

Two local NW root beers, three taste testers. Who will come out on top? Henry Weinhard’s? Thomas Kemper?

Three of each

Thoughtful consideration

Three votes for root beer number 1

Henry Weinhard’s! Unanimous winner!

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Thanksgiving success

Looks like most people stayed near home for the holiday. My trip across the country has been worth it so far.

Post-meal coma

Oliver’s ‘camera’

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Old Toy Story treasure

Rooting through my collection

Does anybody still have a VCR?

Delightful surprises

Gobble gobble little Crosby

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Distance to turkey

Since I haven’t been home for six Thanksgivings (since moving east), I decided to brave the crowds and head over to the other coast this year.

How about you?

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Halfway to baby

For anyone who hasn’t heard the news, Katie and I will be increasing our family size to three. Little baby girl is getting ready to make an appearance in April or so. Let the good times roll!

As Katie points out below, thanks to Alayne for the delightful baby booties!

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Deals season


While I did manage to do a lot of shopping for gifts this weekend, I was tempted left and right by stuff for myself.

Just this morning I picked up the new Kanye and Ne-Yo for $3.99 each on Amazon. They claim they’ll put cheap albums up every day for the next week.

Also, anyone who doesn’t yet have a Zappos VIP membership, grab one by Friday.

Any other deals I need to throw money at?

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