Scoot, a Katie Sos joint

Annie Jo scoots. Katie films with a steady hand and then whips up an awesome movie.

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I cannot even tell you how much I adore this movie.

So much I had to come out of lurkdom in order to comment.

It is so totally both of your personalities, down to the chosen fonts and minimalist, but key, dialogue.

I am completely in favor of the founding of a new production company. I think we would even be willing to invest in your first feature length, certainly the next several shorts.

Boston Independent Film Festival, my friends. Sundance next.

I wouldn’t have believed it unless I saw it. You look tough. 🙂 You should take Bill’s new bike out for a spin! 🙂


I’m on your blog. Very interesting, especially the part under the Ben and Marika section where you think the baby is a plot to get you back to the West Coast.


You look so cool on your scooter! Ben says he likes the sound it makes, too. We’ll be showing your nephew that video onces he arrives, just so he knows how cool his Auntie is.

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