A name

So maybe everyone’s seen the Social Security Popular Baby Names. You can see how baby names rank throughout the years. My name was 270th the year I was born. It was way more poplar in the early 1900s, ranking 19th both in 1910 and 1907. Fine by me.

iVillage has got a great visualization tool for this database called NameVoyager.

I have only ever named cats and that’s hard enough. A baby will eventually be able to give feedback, so that eliminates a lot of choices that would normally be available. Muffin. Spike. Boo Boo. That sort of thing.

Names can morph, too. The unfortunate rhyme of my name, Annie Fannie, eventually evolved into Fonk and then Fonklure Manure.

As an aunt, I suppose I will be able to come up with my own pet name for the little fella. At least until he has something to say about it.