Getting a laugh

I’ve gotten some advice via Google chatting lately.  See, already I’m a hip aunt.  I hear the young think email is old fashioned.

The latest tidbit I’m saving away is to have a willingness to do anything for a laugh.  Apparently it’ll come easy and I won’t be made fun of.  Perhaps I’ll start practicing some methods in the privacy of my own home before debuting them for the little guy.  I guess I’ve got time as they don’t laugh until 2 to 6 months. So I’m guessing funny noises and/or faces.  Waving my arms maybe.  Tickling and such.  I’ll be ready.

Thanks Ann for the advice and pictorial examples.

One reply on “Getting a laugh”

Lets see…farty noises with your mouth…kind of like spitting works really well for Coltan. He started laughing around 7 weeks. Surprising him works best….peek a boo is a huge hit. Litterally, he is like…”where did she go?!?!?”

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