Attention span

I used to be able to watch armloads of movies and read piles of books. It seems that lately I cannot focus on any one thing at a time. I watch a show while futzing around on my computer. I have to pause movies in the middle to take a break. I read a few pages of a book and then move on to something else.

This is a bit disturbing.

This long weekend has been a little different, though. It could be due to my many hours spent lounging around the house. Perhaps the long stretch of time off has relaxed me into my former state of mind. I do think the holiday has helped, but I also must credit Dexter.

It’s an amazing Showtime series about a serial killer who only kills bad guys. I found it an intriguing premise, but the show has proved to be of high quality all around. Even the opening sequence has me watching every time. I downloaded it from iTunes (Dexter, Season 1), but the first season is also on DVD. Michael C. Hall (formerly of Six Feet Under) does a real bang up job.