Last word

I think the mother of the nephew deserves to be my final guest speaker. So here it is.

Here are a few thoughts on my upcoming Momness.

It’s a mysterious thing, having a baby in your belly. He is with me
all day and night, wiggling around and hiccuping, but I don’t get to
know what his little feet and hands look like or if he’s a serious
bean of more of a joker. So needless to say, I’m dying to get my hands
on the little guy. I think he’s going to look exactly like his dad,
and act like him, too.

I don’t have experience as an aunt, but I have had some long-distance
aunts in my life, and I can’ stress enough the importance of gifts. I
know that Annie Jo is a champion gift giver, so no worries in that
department. Since the peanut won’t be old enough to really appreciate
presents for a couple of years, though, we hope for lots of visits.
Also: Webcams! And on a less material note, irreverence. Sneak him
treats, keep him up past his bedtime, let him wear his PJs all day.

I must say I’m relieved. I was hoping to be a rule breaking candy feeding bad girl aunt and now I’ve got written permission. Also I think gift giving might be my Language of Love.

Regarding the nephew acting just like my brother, I will say that I hope the Marika genes interfere on some of the more unpleasant actions as I already lived with a young Ben and I was glad to say goodbye to that when he moved away for college.

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Annie Jo, your brother was a sweet little boy and lots of fun., very cuddly You didn’t get to meet him in his first four years. you would have loved it.

Well, that’s a good point. I wouldn’t mind if he turned out like grown Ben either.

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