Awesome, thanks

Boy, ask and ye shall receive. Thanks to everyone who commented and emailed with book suggestions. I have decided on:

If I’m bored to tears with these, I will ridicule your choices on this public forum. Wait, that’s probably not a good way to make people feel comfortable providing feedback in the future. I will only send you private messages of disgust.

Snow is coming tomorrow. The baby is coming who knows when. Soon! I hope. Come on out little baby nephew. The champagne ain’t gettin’ any colder.

3 replies on “Awesome, thanks”

I hope the books are good since I’ll get them next.

Come on out little grandson, we’re gonna have some fun!

Yeah, Ma, maybe if we all keep calling him out, he’ll start movin’ towards the exit.

I just finished Water for Elephants! Did you like it? It made me cry. I really enjoyed the chapters of Jacob as an old man, and over all thought it was really good. I should read another circus themed book…

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