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Sick girl, an attempt

I read an encouraging review for Sick girl and so checked it out of the library. It was going along fine. I knew it wasn’t going to be an absolute favorite, but found it worth a continuing effort. Then, as I was reading last night, the author started detailing heart biopsies.

In the past few years a new limitation has slowly snuck up on me. I get a little woozy when confronted with these sorts of medical details.

So I couldn’t go on. I tried again in the daylight, thinking that darkness was an issue, but to no avail. The book is going back to the library.

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Good decision. Once you’ve read or seen something it is burned into your mind forever. Too much graphic detail is not needed. Leave something to the imagination I say

This from the lady who used to gleefully watch those surgery programs on TV. Guess we’ve both changed.

I agree about the imagination. Authors and directors and the like could be taking better advantage of it.

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