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Oh, it’s a new year

Oliver’s arrival sort of pushed a lot of other things out of my mind. Now I have really realized that it’s 2008 and I might want to reflect on the previous year as well as make a few goals for the new one.

Well, reflecting takes a lot of work and I’m still tired from traveling back across the country. Most of my year was taken up by my brother getting married and having a son. Other happenings and events don’t really pop into my mind (sorry if you feel you are a happening or event that should). I am just very happy that Marika has joined the party and made my brother a happy dad. I am also very happy that Oliver has arrived.

For 2008 I plan on starting my career as an awesome aunt. That should take up a good amount of time and effort if I’m doing it correctly. I don’t really have anything else major. I like what’s going on and I plan on keeping it up.

Now for a baby picture. Oliver at one week.

Week old Oliver

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