Recent high-risk activity

This is the second time in not so many months that I’ve gotten this bright red notice when I log into my credit card account. I actually really appreciate that Citibank is on the ball, but it’s a bit embarrassing running down a list of recent charges and admitting ‘yes, that was me’ to each one.

Import Japanese video game? Yes, yes, I ordered that.

$1.99 from iTunes? Um, yup, bought an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. Okay, so I bought another video game. Jeez.

Perhaps it’s time to lay off the ‘Place Order’ button. I may need to stay away from the Internets altogether in my free time. Of course that would mean no updates here, so I can’t very well do that. Am I the only one that gets these calls? Do I really make more online purchases than the average cardholder?

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