Stolen Wii update

I did in fact submit a claim to TSA for Mom’s stolen Christmas present Wii. At the end of January I got a letter from TSA confirming that they received my claim.

Last week a claims investigator called me up to ask a few questions about how the incident went down. She then passed the claim on to a Delegated Authority Official. That person will do one of the following:

  1. Approve my claim in full;
  2. Offer me a settlement for other than the full amount or;
  3. Deny my claim.

TSA has a new blog called Evolution of Security. There are a zillion comments on it detailing incidents very similar to mine.

What do you think? Will the TSA DAO actually approve my claim? I would really like Mom to have her Wii.

4 replies on “Stolen Wii update”

Wii’ll all be hoping your mum gets compensated properly for the piece of happiness stolen away from her.

I sure do hope they step up and do the right thing! I was so sad when I heard this story the first time. 🙁

No one is hoping for full reimbursement more than I am. I refuse to get a Wii until the claim gets settled, even though Annie and Ben have authorized me to. It’s a matter of principle. I have been ripped off by the very people my taxes have paid to protect me. It’s an outrage!!!

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