I am attempting to read an epic science fiction book.  The going is a bit slow.

Grammy Linda says Oliver likes to read.  Yay!  As his librarian aunt, this pleases me.

One thing that doesn’t please me is my local public library’s ridiculous hold policy.  When the Watertown Free Public Library sends me a notice that one of the books I’ve put on hold is ready to be picked up, I have 3 days until it gets snatched off the hold shelf.

There are many things that I have been unable to pick up.  I have wasted the time I put in searching for the book and placing the hold and the library has wasted resources delivering a book that never gets checked out.

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True true true! Watertown should increase their hold times. Some libraries in the Minuteman network allow 10 days for books to be retrieved. Obviously 10 is very generous, but I think 6 or 7 days would be reasonable. 3 days is not!

3 days is outrageous!! The Pierce County Library gives you a full week to pick up your books on hold. I have had a similar problem with prescription refills at Costco. They do not allow enough time for a person to get the medicine they have placed on hold.

A full week makes total sense if a person does errands once a week, like I do. I bet many other people do as well. Also, if the library hadn’t closed the branch right near me, I might be able to get them.

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