First Slurpee of the season


With the sun shining and a 7-11 on my way back from a meeting, I filled up a dome lidded cup with Coke Slurpee.  Rarely, I will stray from the greatest flavor, but not today.

5 replies on “First Slurpee of the season”

Annie, coke slurpee is my favorite also. This Saturday when I’m cruising around with the top down on the little convertible I’m going to find one.

Is winter finally over?


Cherry eh? That’s a classic. I’m not much for all the new-fangled flavors.

MMMM, Slurpees! I wish now I’d grabbed one on my way back to the library today. Coke is good, cherry is good, but the BEST is layering the coke AND cherry. yummmmm

Man I had forgotten the layering technique. That’s advanced Slurpee. I had my second Slurp of the season today.

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