Apparently my brother (you may know him as Oliver’s pop) received my subliminal sibling emergency call for music because I received a mixtape in the mail a day after my blog post! Yee haw!

Yesterday was my first commute of the season on the scoot. We had a little patch of trouble on the way home, but all seems to be well now. Knock on wood.

It’s been awhile since a cute photo, so without further ado.

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I’m sadly behind the times, music-wise, but a friend recently gave me “Yoshimi fights the pink robots” by the Flaming Lips and I am so digging it.

Ah, an oldie but a goodie. I loved that album. Let me know if said friend has anything else to offer.

i’m enjoying the new jack johnson. also just purchased a classic dave matthews albumn-remember two things.
oliver gets cuter and cuter!

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