One hundred

This latest incarnation of Easysticks is now at 100 posts. Easysticks has been around for awhile, but I converted it into this blog format one year ago.

In other news, I broke down and bought a new iPod. This is technically my fourth iPod. The first one was, I believe, a 10GB 2nd generation unit. Before the click wheel. It broke, but I had a replacement plan from Best Buy so I jumped through all the nasty hoops to get a replacement in the form of an iPod mini. Third up is a 1GB nano that came free with my computer.

My first one was a gift, so really this new nano is the first iPod I have ever purchased. It’s green because for some reason the green one was cheaper.

2 replies on “One hundred”

I’m loving the green. I’m pretty sure I got you the 1st ipod. They just keep getting better.

Congrats on your 100th posting. You have been faithful.

love you bunches, mother

You and Ben got me the first one for my birthday. They were pricey back then. And big.

Love you too Mom.

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