Mario Kart

Pretty much the reason I buy any Nintendo system.
I’m not keen on the wheel yet, but maybe in time it will grow on me. I challenge you to a race!

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Just when I thought the Wii couldn’t get any cooler…they bring out Mario Kark and a racing wheel. Are you kidding me?! I’m so jealous…

but you can also use the classic controllers, and the game cube controllers? Which do you prefer?

I did see the wheel prototypes. I liked the classic controller best right off the bat but have been trying to use the wheel. It is fun but a little harder since I am used to the old way. My Gamecube controllers aren’t wireless, so that’s a drawback.

I played Mario Kart last night! It was awesome. I must say – i like the wii-wheel. I thought it was much easier to use than stupid handheld controllers (based upon prior mario kart suckage, and current mario kart awesomeness). And i think more intuitive than just using the wiimote.

Fun game! Totally buying it for myself.

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