CSA experience, week one delivery

We took the plunge and went for a half-share of a CSA (community supported agriculture). Ours goes a step further by delivering right to the front door. Today was the first delivery.

You’re looking at

  • Some kind of bitter greens? Pea tendrils
  • Basil plant
  • Loaf of cranberry nut bread
  • Strawberry jam
  • Dozen eggs
  • Most delicious strawberries ever

I’m not sure I know how to take care of a basil plant but it smells tasty. Not much produce this week but I imagine that changes as the season progresses. I bought local strawberries last week and they tasted quite good, but these are just outstanding.

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impressive-looks delicious! for care of the basil plant, try watering it thoroughly then letting it dry out pretty good before watering it again. also make sure that the pot drains well. i do believe basil requires a good amount of direct sunlight.


It all looks like you said. Yummy. What do you do with pea tendrils? Don’t think I’ve had ’em.

Heather is right about watering and letting it dry out. That’s pretty standard for growing things, along with sunlight.


You have probably already eaten them, but I had the MOST delicious pea vines recently РI think they were just saut̩ed with a little butter and garlic. Your farm basket looks amazing.

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