Gardenburger, you disappoint me

On my trip to the Great Northwest last month, I hit up the Tides Tavern for my whiskey burger, minus the beef, plus the Gardenburger.  What came out was a Boca patty.  Yuck.  There was no notice on the menu.  Just a sly replacement.  I tried for a Gardenburger at another restaurant but got denied, the waitress citing a recall as the reason.  This was what tipped me off to a top secret shift in the world of Gardenburger.

The whole story has yet to be uncovered as far as I can tell, but there was a “voluntary withdrawal” followed by scarce supply.  Irregularities were behind this non-recall, apparently due to Kellog purchasing the Gardenburger.

Over the weekend I stopped by Whole Foods and finally found a box of Gardenburgers after coming up empty handed at every grocery store for weeks.   The packaging looked the same, but the burgers are totally different.  They are not tasty.  What gives?

Well I’ll tell you what gives.  I did a little investigative journalism.  Here are the results.

From my box of Gardenburgers:


Even their own website hasn’t been informed of the change of ingredients.  I would appreciate an explanation for the totally new and far inferior Gardenburger.  Actually I would rather just have the old delicious Gardenburger back.  “The Original” is nothing like the original and I am not pleased.

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First the low fat Twinkies, then the Milky Way Lite, next the delicious Costco pretzels are gone with no warning, now the old reliable Gardenburger. What next? Disappointing.

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