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The vampire book. The teen vampire book. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. I read it. I liked it. I will read the sequel.

Sure, the writing isn’t something to savor, but it’d just be a waste anyways, considering how fast I whizzed through the pages. This is most definitely a page-turner.

The final book in this series just came out last month and the hype surrounding its release is actually what tipped me off to this phenomenon.

If you like vampires or enjoy a little teen drama, definitely give this one a go.

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I just started watching True Blood on HBO and it’s not bad.Maybe I will attempt to read a non-picture book and get this from the library.

I fell in love with these books after picking up Twilight on a plane ride last month. Yes, they are an easy read and there are a few typos along the way, but what a love story that sucked me in… The 2nd book is not as good as the rest. If you get stalled in it, the 3rd adn 4th are definitely worth wading through the 2nd for.


Okay I’ve got book number two now. Even if I don’t like it (I haven’t gotten far enough yet to tell), I’ll plod on to the last two.

Also, I’ve watched four episodes of True Blood now. So far, so good. Though the vampire facts on the show are a little different than the vampire facts in the book. I guess they are somewhat competing products.

as a professional book reader who works with teens, i gotta say this is quite the success. most of our middle schoolers are reading it, and those who aren’t are waiting until others are done so they too can join in the fun. i read ’em all in about four days ’cause they are like crack and i couldn’t stop smoking. not sure where i was left once they were done but boy were they a fun high.

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