Daily updates, coming soon

Though it seems NaBloPoMo is no longer limited to just the month of November, I am going to participate next month, as I did last year.

This time around I have an Ace in the hole because I could just post a picture of adorable Oliver any time I can’t think of something to write about.

Don’t think I’ve forgotten about the meat poll.  Also don’t think that I base decisions about my health on a poll of my friends and loved ones, but most people felt a little meat might do me some good.  I agree.  I will give it another try.  Sometime.

5 replies on “Daily updates, coming soon”

I can’t wait to hear from you daily! I check frequently for updates. It’s nice to know what’s going on in your life and feel more in touch!
I’m looking forward to your opinion of the completed Twilight series. I have become slightly addicted myself and cannot wait for the movie to come out next month.

No way, Kelly! I just had a dream that I had lunch with you.

I only have a couple hundred pages to go. So far I am loving the fourth book.

Were you eating meat?
If you want to have lunch and not just dream about it, give me a call when you are back in town visiting the adorable Oliver!

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