Celtics, Cheerios and Muppets

If I were to go to only one NBA game in my life, last night’s was the one.  It was neck and neck the entire time, the Celtics were down by 1 with 7 seconds left and bammo, sunk the basket to win!

Not into basketball?  Watch little nephew Oliver race around his living room.

One last thing for today is Today. I watch the show pretty much every weekday while I get ready for work. I eagerly look forward to the segments that are waved in front of my nose and I shout out disappointment every single time because they are pretty much never any good.

This morning, however, was the best Today show ever. The Muppets took over for a half hour and it was really hilarious. They made fun of the show just like I do every morning. Thank you, Muppets. Here’s a little taste for anyone who missed it (though they’re missing some of the good parts).

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Muppets on Today… funny! I especially loved the spoof of Al Roker talking to people on the plaza!!

I don’t have an email address, so I have to post. I wanted to let you know that Theresa Malich passed away last weekend. I heard yesterday. Katie and I went to her service today. They talked about all her students and FPS… Remember our FPS group? I think there is an article online in the Gateway…
p.s. Oliver’s car clip is genious!

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