This was great

Posting every day this month was rarely a chore and the benefits have been many.  A lot of comments.  A lot of hits (yes I do check those). A lot of fun.  At least, I had a lot of fun.  So, thanks.

Oh, and I saw the vampire movie.  Twilight.  I thought it was fantastic.

While I hope to keep on keeping on, I will be out of town for three days.  In the meantime, Oliver will keep you company.

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I saw the Twilight movie too! It was completely by accident–the movie we were going to see was sold out, so I talked Peter into seeing Twilight (he wasn’t terribly excited about it at first). I thought it was fantastic, too; it followed the book pretty well.

Also, those eyelashes are out of control! What a cutie!

I’ve really enjoyed the daily postings. You’re a better woman than I. I’m afraid of vampires so haven’t read the books and probably won’t see the movie (wimp).

The baby’s eyelashes are really that long, almost up to his eyebrows. He looks even better in person!

I have been bugging Bun all week to see the vampire movie! I’m going to refer her to your blog. Thank you for posting.

Lana and Bun, go this weekend!

You might want to read the book after watching the movie.

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