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The book thief

In case nobody is tracking these sorts of things, it has been awhile since I’ve finished reading a book. Today I just reached the end of The Book Thief.

It was magnificent.  I am relieved as I was sad to think that it would be awhile before I got to read something as fantastic as the Twilight Saga.

This book is entirely different from those books, except for the fact that all are supposedly for young adults.  This one took awhile to read, but not because it was ever a chore to slog through.  The writing here is just something to really enjoy.  The only way I can think to describe it is to say that it feels handcrafted.

Certainly the story is amazing and moving and even original what with Death doing the narrating, but it is definitely the author’s skill with words that pushes this one into top-notch territory.

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Oooohhh, sounds great. With all the free time I have on my hands these snow days, I will take the bus to barnes and noble and check it out.

Also of note: one of my favorite authors (malcom gladwell) has a new book out, and word on the street is that santa is delivering it to me soon 😉

Merry Christmas AJo!!

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