Accidentally went to the Red Sox

Katie scored some sweet tickets to yesterday’s game late in the afternoon. With such a spontaneous trip to Fenway, I had no fan gear. What? I’m wearing a cap? Um . . . well, the tickets were free and I really needed to wear something in support of the team, so I may have also accidentally swung by the team shop on the way in.

Luckily it was a beautiful warm night. Plus, the Red Sox won!

4 replies on “Accidentally went to the Red Sox”

wow! it must be nice to live such a charmed life. free tickets AND a new cap? i am jealous! it looks like you guys had fun!

Well, my bus ride to Fenway was horrendous, if that makes you feel any better. Careful scientific analysis proved that people were actually walking faster than the bus was moving.

Stupid MBTA.

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