Two months, two days away

The big birthday is steadily approaching.  Perhaps it’s time to consider a few lifestyle tweaks for my next decade.  You know, to fit in better with the other folks my age.


What did everybody else do (or plan to do) when they crossed the 30 line?

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As my mom so helpfully pointed out to me on my 30th b-day, it is actually the beginning of your 31ST YEAR. And you will never be sorry if you hire someone else to mop your floors!

I always thought I’d magically be better at cleaning when I got older.

But I’m not.

You were 2 months old when I turned 30. I don’t remember what I did. I know I didn’t wear pearls, drink wine, play video games, tell people what I really think, or hire a housecleaner. Just keep on being you, that’s pretty special.

I’m new on the housecleaner bandwagon (she came yesterday, yes!) and I definitely recommend…it frees up much more time to drink wine!

Thanks Mom! I will definitely keep being me.

Maybe I will be me in a cleaner house. It seems to be a popular choice. Maybe I’ll be me in a cleaner house sipping a glass of wine.

Are you still celebrating with Mickey Mouse? I LOVE Disney world! I’ve been there 2 or 3 times since college…my Mom had conferences there every other year and I would go and stay with her and we would hit the parks. It is a blast! Even better than Disneyland! I hope you enjoy…
p.s. I think wearing pearls is for when you turn 80, not speaking your mind!

Yep, still headed to Disney with Mom in July. It’s gonna be hot and crowded, but how could it not be a blast?

I’ll try to post some pics of Mickey after we get back.

For my 30th b-day, coming this December, I thought I’d do it big and we’re going to have a baby!!! We’re due November 23rd… That should make me grow up quick!

Whoa! Congratulations to you!

That certainly is a big way to celebrate.

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