Backyard picnic and pie party

Mom threw a rockin’ birthday celebration at her place last weekend.  Thanks Mom!  Thanks everyone for coming! Also thanks Katie for the pictures.

Really, this was my first beer.  I don’t know why I’m winking.

From July in WA

I saw some delicious sandwiches. Nice presentation, Bun. I like that diagonal slice.

From July in WA

Chelsey and I make the guests come to us.

From July in WA

Kate and Damon, hopefully ignoring my weird hand motions.

From July in WA

I share my chips.

From July in WA

Paging Dr. Hartung.

From July in WA

Toddlers in action.

From July in WA

I choose the pies I want to taste (all of them).

From July in WA

Okay, maybe too much pie. I have to take a breather.

From July in WA

The blue ribbon winners! Mom takes home the birthday girl’s choice (big surprise) with my favorite raspberry pie and Molly gets the crowd favorite for her strawberry tart.

From July in WA

More pie (party pics) are over at Cain Central.

9 replies on “Backyard picnic and pie party”

You’ve gotta keep your inner child alive! My grilled cheese sandwiches are cut diagonally in FOURS.

Whoa, slow down there. I haven’t had the diagonal fours in many years. Maybe 30 is the time to start back up again.

I love how excited your mom is about the blue ribbon! That is what I am talking about! Your mom’s house also seems fabulous and that view is stunning. Are you ready for more pie?

More pie! More pie!

I gave you full credit on the pie contest idea, Jackie. People loved it!

You know what that picture of us reminds me of? The look on our faces reminds me of pictures from the box….

Of course it’s the time to start it up again! A diagonal fours grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup are my go-to blizzard food. Write that down. 😉

What a great party!!! (I thought the big mouth picture of me was going bye bye).

Thanks for coming everybody.

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