Blockbuster bestsellers

These books go unnoticed by a lot of us. At least for me, they blend into the bookcase background. I’m talking about James Patterson, Danielle Steel, Clive Cussler. These names are everywhere, but I guess it’s for a reason. Bestselling authors are bestselling. Top sellers. Popular. So popular that these people write book after book after book and sell millions of each.

So these bestsellers are popular, but they are also considered somewhat low brow. Looked down upon and called names. Which I guess is why I’ve never read any of them. Maybe a John Grisham here and there and at least one Nicholas Sparks, though I don’t remember that one.

A little while ago I began to get curious about what exactly was underneath those familiar covers. I saw them again and again in the airport newsstands. They must be there for a reason. They must be popular for a reason. So I’m gonna try them out. Give them a go. I won’t judge these books by the cover, or reputation, any longer.

I was pretty much able to compile a list of these mega-authors just by letting the names creep into my head. The bit of research I did only confirmed that these ten authors were spot on.  In no particular order except the order in which I conjured up their names, here they are.  Wish me luck.


  • Nora Roberts
  • Danielle Steel
  • James Patterson
  • Dean Koontz
  • Patricia Cornwell
  • Debbie Macomber
  • Clive Cussler
  • Louis L’Amour
  • Robert Ludlum
  • Tom Clancy

Anybody have any favorites they’d like to suggest?

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I love Janet Evanovich. 18 novels about a lady bounty hunter from Jersey who loves donuts and can’t keep a man? Count me in!

Well, I do like donuts. I think I may have read an Evanovich before. I don’t remember the donuts.

I like Janet Evanovich as well. Debbie Macomber of course is a local, she gets coffee at the Port Orchard Tulley’s. I’m betting Annie’s not going to like any of these authors.

I enjoyed _By the Light of the Moon_ by Dean Koontz. What about John Grisham and Stephen King?

I’ll put that Koontz on my library hold list.

I’ve definitely read John Grisham and Stephen King. I guess that’s why they didn’t make my list? Maybe I see them as more socially acceptable. Ha!

There’s nothing wrong with Nora Roberts OR Danielle Steele if you’re having a cocktail while reading.

My grandma read a lot of Maeve Binchy. She always put these little cloth book covers on her “trashy novels.” I don’t know if it was to keep the books nice or to keep people from seeing what she was reading.

Maeve Binchy! Good one, Marika! I might have to find a quilted book cover to cover up my reads.

I will definitely try each book with a cocktail.

I have found Stephanie Meyer worth a paper cover for outings in public….

(sooo last year, but still humorous?)

Will you be sneaking into New Moon with a paper bag over your head?

It’s kind of like reading New Moon with a paper cover.

Chris just got me a Kindle for my birthday, so now no matter how trashy the book is, I can read it in public. No one will ever know if it’s the latest John Irving or a book about heaving bosoms and throbbing manhoods…

Ooh a Kindle. I’m gonna wanna see that bad boy. And hear all about how you like it.

Happy belated birthday?

jennifer and i like to buy these books for road trips and the passenger reads out loud to the driver. we have done a couple dean koontz and a michael crichton. is he more socially acceptable as well? maybe once your books make a movie then you arent trashy anymore.

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