Three movie weekend

First up was Bolt, which was better than I expected.  The dogs were pretty adorable and the pigeons were hilarious.

In the middle came Four Christmases, which was worse than I expected.  I wanted a holiday movie to open the season with and I hadn’t seen this one yet.  It was okayish.  Not terrible but not really good.

Last night was Funny People.  It was really long, but pretty good.

I’m thinking maybe Bolt was the best of the bunch.  Have you seen any of these?  Did you watch any other flicks over the long weekend?

3 replies on “Three movie weekend”

I’ve only seen Four Christmases. I love me some Vince Vaughn, but that was all I loved from that movie. Next on my list is UP.

I watched Funny People this past weekend too. I agree with you. It was pretty good but could have been much shorter. I’m hoping to catch The Fantastic Mr. Fox in the theater this week.

Up was pretty enjoyable. It was no Toy Story, but still pretty good.

I’m not sure about the Fox, though I am keen on stop motion.

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