After I got back from Hawaii, I was ready to put all my beautiful beach scene photos online.  The problem was my Google Picasa account was almost full to the brim.

I decided to break away from the clutches of Google and install something on my own website.  Take control of my own photo destiny.  After a little research, it was clear that Gallery was the online photo album of choice.  I took the easy road and used the little installer that my hosting company (GoDaddy) provides.  I was up and running in no time.

My online albums at easysticks.

So I kicked things off by putting up my vacation photos.  Long story short, Gallery doesn’t cut it for me.  The uploading process was difficult.  The photos weren’t automatically rotated.  It’s slow to browse pictures. Boo all around.

Just a few weeks ago Google decided to throw me a bone and announced drastically reduced prices for additional storage.  For a mere $5 (per year) I can get an additional 20G (all my photos up to this point only take up 1G).  So if you’re out of Picasa storage too, you can upgrade on the cheap.

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