Right now

Sunshine! (relative) Warmth! I know this could all be an evil trick, a little teaser before a giant March blizzard, but I don’t care. It’s sunny and warm and I gotta say I am really into it.

I saw loads of people along the river, squinting like bears coming out of hibernation. Pale faces exposed to the sun. Anybody doing anything exciting on a sunny Sunday?

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I wasted the sunshine away playing Scrabble indoors. But we did open the windows for the first time in a long while.

Opening windows is definitely taking advantage. We opened Lincoln’s window the porch and he was all about it.

Mom, I think spring is all about cycling through rain and sleet and sunshine. I say that while looking out the window at a beautiful sunny day. Ha!

Indeed it is the first day of spring! I had a nice tall iced tea out in the sunshine today.

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