Roomba, so far so good

9 replies on “Roomba, so far so good”

Pretty much snags all the cat fur. Especially if I run it every day.

Probably still best to give it a real vacuum every now and then.

I assume it does wood floors. It does our kitchen (linoleum I think?) and the bathroom (tile) quite well. It adjusts depending on what type of floor it encounters.

Lincoln is liking it more and more. He tends to sit atop a table and hang his head down so he can watch it. I saw him lunge after it once too, trying to spark up a game of chase.

Go for it Ma! I waited for it to come around on Woot. The wait wasn’t long. I think they have them fairly often.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for that one. Hopefully I’ll have the video camera at the ready.

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