We managed to find our way to the hotel. I nearly drove over the poor doorman, who was out in the street hailing a cab, but it was smooth sailing other than that.

I’m not really much bigger than Mom. It just looks that way.

Great people watching from the window out onto Bryant Park.

Mom went for a burger.

The Staten Island Ferry was refreshing on a hot day.

A little Today Show cameo. Luckily Meredith was off that day.

Thanks for a fun trip, Mom!

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The club rolls on. I’m surprised you weren’t wearing your “Mom & Annie Club” t-shirts in any of these pics. The Ben Club just had a meeting and we voted unanimously that we wouldn’t have gone to NY even if we had been invited. Also, cookies and root beer were served at the meeting which you will not be getting any of.

Aren’t the members of the Mom & Annie Club the only ones who know how to bake cookies?

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